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Zwift Race Series

Wanted to give you as much notice as possible!

In the last few minutes I’ve received confirmation from British Cycling that a private four round series of BMCR Zwift races – Not Meet-ups, will go ahead starting from this Sunday at 10am.

These will run every other Sunday until the 25th April. This challenge is organised as a collaboration between BMCR and BC for masters over 40.

Appreciate the weather is getting better and we’d all rather be outside but if you wanted a bit of friendly competition then please get in touch and check rider hq for entry details.

Please note that these events are only available to those with the private link and will not be on zwift power nor in the companion app as a meet-up.As an example the first of these links is provided below.

There will be three groups per event based on BMCR age related category. Each group will have different kit and will start at the same time in the usual frenetic zwift way! Channel your inner MVP!

Group A is BMCR A and B categories Group B is BMCR C and D categories Group C is BMCR EFGH&W categories

Everyone starts together!…

Any questions give me a shout.

Best, Nigel

zwift.comZwift | Events on Zwift Looking for some company? Join an official group ride.

Racing News

Having seen the government’s provisional timetable for relaxation of Covid measures, I’m sure you are all keen to know when and how we can get back to racing.Unfortunately there isn’t a simple or immediate answer to this, but I’ll try to bring you up to date

The changes scheduled for 29 March (earliest) include:Formally organised outdoor sports for adults and under 18s – can restart and not be subject to the gatherings limits, but should be compliant with guidance issued by national governing bodies. This will be the main provision which allows us to return to racing, but we will have to comply with guidance issued by British Cycling for road, circuit and track racing, and Cycling Time Trials for TTs.CTT have recently announced that all solo time trials can resume from 29 March, subject to the guidance and Risk Assessment which they published last summer (there may be some minor revisions), but team time trials cannot. See

BC are working on a plan for a staged return to racing, which has to be based on the plans and assessments of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and also Sport England. This assessment is due very soon and will be shared as soon as we have it .BC have told us that they don’t expect a full return until after 21 June (earliest and assuming there are no more bumps in the covid road!), but they are looking at a staged return through April, May and June, including circuit races initially followed by some ‘pilot’ road races.

What this means for us?

1 Any time trials (except team TTs) planned for 29 March onwards can go ahead. TTTs likely to follow as soon as social distancing rules allow.

2 Any circuit races planned for May onwards can probably go ahead, but may be subject to special provisions (size of field, duration of races etc).

3 National Championship events scheduled for late June onwards should be ok to go ahead, but those earlier (Women’s RR Champs and A&B RR Champs) will probably need to be postponed

.4 Any road races scheduled up to mid-May will not be possible.We will be in touch again in the coming weeks, as soon as more detailed plans are issued by BC and the situation becomes clearer.

Best regardsNigel Byrne on behalf of the NEC

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