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The Ron Day MK bowl circuit races (sponsored by Church Lane Creative). Week 7 – 3rd August 2021A dry safe night of racing, going out the gate half way through to the larger circuit tonight. The ABCD race had a break of 4 riders who stayed away till the end. The EFGHW race had a few attempted breaks but came back at the end for a bunch sprint. Well done to all the riders and our winners, it was double prize money tonight too.As always a massive thanks to all the helpers tonight, Hitchin Nomads with some additional help from CC Luton and a riders wonderful wife worked hard as always setting up, marshalling and packing away. Thank you all so much, we could not run these races without our valued helpers.Results can be found at:- looking for helpers for 17th, 24th and 31st August please.

MK Bowl racing

The Ron Day MK bowl circuit races (sponsored by Church Lane Creative). Week 6 – 27th July 2021Thanks to everyone that came to support this event tonight. The weather was kind (unlike last week), raining before and after the race.Racing was inside the bowl (putting safety first on damp roads) with a small bunch in the ABCD seeing Gavin Howell stringing the race out from the gun, riding away, only to be brought back and then attacking again, this time taking 3 other riders with him and splitting the race in half. Gavin eventually won off the front on his own, lapping the second half of his race in the final laps. The EFGW race stayed together most of the evening finishing in a bunch sprint. Well done everyone, great safe racing.Thank you to all the marshals that turned up to help tonight, an easy evening for helpers with the race staying inside the bowl, but we appreciated you giving up your evening.Results can be found at:-