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The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 8 – 21st June 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).

The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 8 – 21st June 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative). 

Super lovely hot summers evening for tonight’s event (with no travellers present) meant we could hold our first event starting n finishing on the green, racing the big loop from the start. My personal favourite course. 
A 2 man break in the EFG race stayed away with Mark Booth riding clear of Roland Elsdon on the last lap to take the well deserved win, with the bunch sprinting for 3rd place.
The ABCD race stayed together after a few failed attempts at breaks n was won by the incredible (E cat) James Stewart who was giving the young riders a run for their money, pipping awesome sprinter Aaron McCaffrey on the line (James  was riding as a D cat for the evening).Congratulations to all our winners n massive thank you as always to our helpers.

The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 7 -14th June 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative)

The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 7 -14th June 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative)
Perfect weather conditions tonight, but sadly we had to keep the race inside the bowl due to the travellers on the outside area. Safety always first.Racing was super fast tonight. There were many attempted breaks in both races, one of 7 strong riders in the ABCD race which looked like it might stay away, but all were brought back with some major efforts from the bunch. A sprint finish for both races tonight. Congratulations to all our winners.Thank you to the helpers.If you have not helped yet, please pop your name down on the list. I am looking for 28th June, 5th, 12th, 26th July and all Tuesday’s in August please.
Results can be found at:-

The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 6 -07/06/ 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative)

A great safe, dry and warm race tonight with only one race to run as the EFGH riders voted to join the ABCD riders due to the small entry numbers in their race. Massive well done to these riders who did an amazing job staying with the youngsters, a great ride by Martin Fisher who stayed till the end finishing half way down the field. There was an early break of 4 who became 3 with 30 seconds gap, but the bunch were having none of that tonight and worked brilliantly together to bring the break back over about 6 laps. The race then ended with a massive bunch sprint won by the new National A road race champion Gavin Howell.Thank you as always to our helpers tonight and congratulations to all our winners (My apologies I still have the 1st & 2nd B prize envelopes-will bring next week).Results can be found at:- love these races, thank you to everyone who comes along to support, to help, to race and take photographs, such a great social and so nice to see everyone

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