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We ran the first BMCR event since lockdown yesterday – a road bike Time Trial on a sporting 16 mile course in Worcestershire – and tested out the BMCR Covid precautions.

As the organiser, it’s not really up to me to say how successful or enjoyable the event was, but the extensive comments on the BMCR FaceBook page should give some idea.

We had a field of 49, which was good as it meant that we didn’t strain the parking capacity or the space at the HQ. We had a one-way system through the village hall and separate entrance and exit doors. Signing-on was in the hall but with riders queuing sensibly, disposable numbers and minimum contact. Refreshments were served outside at the back of the hall, where there’s a patio area with well-spaced benches. There was no result board, but our resident IT expert sent out results by email in 3 batches to all riders during the course of the event, which was very well received (‘I can never read them on the results board anyway’).

Riders said they felt much more Covid-secure than in the supermarket or pub, and the good weather (fine but not too hot) encouraged riders to linger and chat afterwards (sensibly distanced) and catch up with friends not seen since last season.

The format of a time trial with solo rides but team awards seemed to go down well, and I think encouraged riders to persuade their club/team-mates to enter.

We have 2 more road bike TTs, that I know of, in the planning stage, one near Solihull and the other in Derbyshire.  If this feedback reassures you about the safety and logistics of putting on a race in current circumstances, please speak to me or your Regional Events Co-ordinator and we’ll be happy to support you.

Mike Amery

National Events Co-ordinator

Update on Racing 09.07.20

We hope you are safe and healthy and wanted to provide an update on our plans for racing this year

You may have seen that British Cycling have recently given notice that certain types of regional racing will be allowed from the 1st August – – and CTT has announced that Time Trials will commence later this month –

At this stage and regrettably we do not anticipate being able to run any road or track races this year. However, this latest information from BC suggests that Crit Racing will be possible from the 1st August.

It is not clear what the criteria will be nor how this will be possible but as soon as we have assessed the framework and guidelines they are working on we will advise you accordingly.   

In line with CTT and TLI we do believe it will be possible to organise Time Trials with a BMCR difference in August. This being TT’s on ‘sporting courses’, using road bikes competing in age related categories. 

We are therefore asking BMCR organisers, and clubs/teams with BMCR members, to consider putting on road TTs from August onwards in order to provide members with an opportunity to race. These will obviously require Police Notification, entries will be through RiderHQ, and approval will be through Regional Events Coordinators in the usual way.

Please see the BMCR Guidelines for running TTs under the current restrictions.

In addition and with thanks to Mike Jackson, we have arranged with Madison to support organisers / volunteers with any necessary PPE.

Mike Amery, National Events Coordinator, ( is happy to answer questions or give advice to potential organisers. He is also promoting a test event on 9th August and more information is posted here.

Virtual racing on Zwift also continues to provide an alternative for many members. 

We will of course continue to monitor the situation closely and as soon as there is a significant change we will give a further update. We are also sharing information and plans with TLI Cycling, whose position is very similar to ours.

Nigel Byrne

BMCR National Executive Committee

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