Event Organisation


to give you a helping hand organising your event.

Our membership varies from newbies to World Champions and everyone in between. There is a race for everyone.

Event Organisation

Event Organisation & Safety

Planning and Safety is the most important thing when organising a race.

The success of the whole day will depend on your organisation and this information aims to direct your attention to the important things you need to think about before you even get started.

BMCR is committed to ensuring the quality and standards of events are kept high and that we provide you with the best advice and guidance to help plan and deliver your race.

PDF documents will open, and MS Office documents will download, in a separate tab.

BMCR Guidelines for Race Organisers rev Nov 2022 (PDF)
Guidance for TT Organisers Nov 2020 (PDF)
BMCR Standard Race Entry Form for EOL – 2023 (PDF)
BMCR Standard Race Entry Form for EOL – 2023 (WORD)
Event Organisation & Safety Manual (PDF)
BMCR Organiser Mentors Jan 2022 (PDF)
BMCR Guidance for RiderHQ Jan 2022 (PDF)
Risk Assessment Form (DOCX)
Police Notification Form (Editable PDF)
Signing on sheet (XLSX)
Accident Report Form (Editable PDF)
Results Template (XLSX)
Race Accounts Form (XLSX)
Proof of Liability Insurance 2024 (PDF)

*Note that PDF forms will only work with updated versions of Adobe. To ensure that PDF forms save correctly please save the PDF form before editing. Save again once you have completed the form.