Details of BMCR’s insurance arrangements are provided here. It is important to ensure that your are satisfied with your own insurance arrangements before you race. Please read the downloadable documents which each open in new windows


BMCR has its own insurance this indemnifies BMCR for legal liability for death/injury to third parties (i.e., other people) or damage to third parties’ property. The insurance covers BMCR for its organisation of cycle races, and cover is extended to BMCR members whilst they undertake the following activities within the UK:

  • recreational cycling;
  • participating in cyclo-sportives;
  • competing in racing events organised and run by BMCR and other events which are organised by recognised cycling bodies which effectively have the same or similar rules and method statements to BMCR

It is important to note that the BMCR insurance does NOT act as if a separate policy had been issued to each member (so called member-to-member cover).

There are some specific exclusions which are NOT covered:

  • Bodily injury caused by the acts and/or omissions of any participant towards another participant;
  • commuting (being travel between one’s place of residence and place of work);
  • the acts of members who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • any cycling outside the United Kingdom unless with prior approval by insurers.

More information is available in the downloadable documents below. They open in new windows.

Assessing your insurance needs (pdf)

Driving a support vehicle in a BMCR event (pdf)

Insurance FAQs (pdf)

BMCR Third-party liability certificate (pdf) (for use by race organisers)