British Masters Cycle Racing is for female and male racers over 40 years of age. You can join, and race, in the year in which you turn 40.

We offer a year-round programme of road, circuit, track and gravel races – around 150 races per year – with annual membership of only £28. We also hold championships for our members in cyclo-cross, mountain bike and time trial (TT is road bikes only).

Derby Track Meet

British Masters Cycle Racing is an independent body proudly established by Percy Stallard and Eddie Cook in 1986 as the League of Veteran Racing Cyclists. Created to provide a programme of competitive cycling events for members aged 40 and over.

While the UCI, the international governing body of cycling, holds that masters racing is for those aged 30 and over, we are for those over 40.

Our membership varies from newbies to World Champions, this is the place for everyone, whatever your ability. Membership does not exclude anyone from joining any other cycling organisation.

Racing is administered on a regional basis, while an Executive Committee deals with policy, and co-ordinates the regional activities. Most of the road races are under 55 miles; there are also some stage races, criteriums, time trials and track leagues. The calendar of events will provide a guide to the races organised by BMCR. If you are interested in time trials, there is some more information here.

It is BMCR policy that races are organised on an age-group basis grouped by 5 year age bands. If you’re unsure whether you’re fit enough to race, don’t worry – except for National Championship and Stallard Series races – you are welcome to compete in an older age group than your calendar age indicates. Then you can move up to your actual age group as fitness builds.

For example if a 42 year old rider feels that they are not up to the standard of that age group then they can ride in a 50+ or even 60+ race. Conversely riders may opt to race in a younger age group than their calendar age, for more intense competition and longer distance. Again, this is not permitted in National Championship or Stallard races

BMCR age categories for men are: A, 40-44; B, 45-49; C, 50-54; D, 55-59; E, 60-64; F, 65-69; G, 70-74;H,75-79: I,80-84, J,85-89; K,90-94: L,95-99.

BMCR age categories for women. For many years we have operated a system where women race against the category of men 10 years older than them, as we have not had enough women riding to run separate races for them. Under this system, age categories for women are: C, 40-44; D, 45-49; E, 50-54; F, 55-59; G, 60-64; H, 65-69; I, 70-74;J,75-79: K,80-84, L,85-89; M,90-94: N,95-99. In recent years we have successfully introduced separate women-only races in the Track, Omnium and Road Race Championships. As the number of entrants in each 5-year age category is still very small, an alternative system has been used where women compete within 3 age categories: 40-49, 50-59 and 60+, with a champion’s jersey awarded in each. This arrangement is a compromise until numbers warrant separate 5-year categories.  In some other championships (e.g. Time Trial  and Cyclo-Cross) an age-related handicapping system is used, and a single women’s jersey is awarded. 

Sometimes all the women are grouped together within one men’s race, typically the 60+ race. Race organisers have discretion to decide this according to the mix of women of different ages who have entered, and women entrants are welcome to contact organisers to express their preferences.

Categories are based on year of birth, so all members change category (in the appropriate year) on the 1st January. (e.g. if a man is 50 on 10th June 2023, he will be a C category from 1st January 2023). However this does NOT apply to eligibility for BMCR membership, which is only available from the actual date of a person’s 40th birthday.

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