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National Championships E, F, G, H

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Report on E Race by Jeremy Adamson
Looking at the 50+ riders signed up for Sundays race revealed the best field of the year would be taking to the start. (Apart from a couple of exceptions all the ‘names’ appeared present) Conditions looked to be near perfect and with the Welland circuit set fast & fair, not too demanding, the championship stage was set. Whoever was to pull on the winners jersey today was definitely going to earn it!

The flag dropped and brought early accelerations & responses highlighting that certain riders were being well marked… the price of early season successes? The peloton very aware that some amongst us shouldn’t be allowed to disappear solo up the road.

My very first RR champs and I had a basic plan: 1) don’t get dropped!! 2) watch & follow a couple of proven racers 3) avoid chasing all the breaks down solo 4) keep safe…

Still not sure where or how the ‘four’ slipped off the front during the first lap (busy hanging on in & setting a one lap PB at 25mph) but they were solidly gone… first time check at the start / finish line was 1 minute… which to my inexperienced ears meant they were not for catching.

Lap 2 saw attack & counter attack from within the bunch but what appeared obvious was we weren’t working well together… and a collective effort to reduce the time gap was looking unlikely. So a race for 5th then? During the group surges I was setting segment PB’s for fun… (whilst remembering to fuel & drink) We weren’t hanging about!

As Lap 3 approached I missed the update on just how far ahead the Fab 4 now were… & I only found out post race that in-fact 3 more from the peloton had set sail off the front and were in the process of successfully bridging… I think we briefly glimpsed them way up the road… out of reach & in their own private battle.

The final lap saw various attempts from amongst us to gain separation from the group and to try to finish the race on solo terms. Eventually Mike Twelves showed the bunch how it’s done with a blistering dig roughly 4k from home, which got him 15 secs worth of clear tarmac… which he held till the line.

Nearing Welland for the final sweep onto the finishing straight the experienced (& those who possess a gallop) began to claim spots near the head of the bunch. With road space at a premium I was quickly relegated to spectator status as the riders now at the front flexed their muscles and did their thing… Paul Stewart quickly stamping his authority on the situation.

49 miles came & went really quickly for the bunch. Less than 2 hours quick!! The seven out front rode well. REALLY well. I felt no disgrace in finishing 24th. Happy with my efforts, a good experience, & looking forward to racing next years Champs as an F Cat.

Huge thanks to all involved. Mike Amery & team laid on a superb & safe event. Congratulations to all who competed & rode strongly and fairly. The winners deservedly have their spoils with the results sheet / FB videos posted and perused. Kudos. Bring on the Crit Champs!

I’m sure I read a quote earlier in the year ‘if you want a 50% chance of winning go play tennis’. For me BMCR lay on well run & varied events, which are challenging, competitive yet so enjoyable to be a part of… long may that continue.