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Our membership varies from newbies to World Champions; there is a place for everyone, whatever ability.

Bush Healthcare Rous Lench Road Race

A/B Race 1
1) Gavin Howell  A
2) Martin Nelson  B
3) Simon Hill   B
4) Paul Allen A
5) Phil English  A
6) Thomas Rutter A
7) Paul Dring  B
8) Rowan Horner B
9) Steve Dring B
10) Matt Larner A
11) Darren Glaze  B
12) D Riley  B
13) Andy Prince B
14) Darryl Thomas  B
15) Adrian Bird  B
16) Jason Brotherhood  A
C/D Race
1) Gareth Highley C
2) Steve Minton  C
3) J Smith  C
4) Carl Dee  C
5) Adrian Byrne C
6) Richard Allcock C
7) Dean Sibthorpe  D
8) Tim Edwards C
9) Jason Hopkins C
10) Wayne Reeks
11) Vince Page D
12) M Darcy  C
13) A Andy Lockley
14) Neil White C
15) D Allen D
16) W Jones C
17) D Stoyle  D
18) N Langridge D
19) K Lewis  C
20) M Davis C
21) P Phillips D
22) P O’Driscoll  C
23) D Cummings  D
E,F,G,H  Race
1.  Paul Stewart E
2. A Valance E
3. Les Liddiard F
4. M Fisher  E
5. M. Laing E
6. Rob O’Connor E
7. Trevor Bradbury E
8. R Elston E
9. Don Parry G
10. M Tolley  E
11. R Keeler F
12. Ken Bradbury F
13. T Carter F
14. T Meechan F
15. B Cotton H
16. M Moore F
17. Mike Amery E
18. J Baird E
19. B Oliver  E
20. R Dowell E
21. J Beech F
22. J French F
23. M Swallow G
24 J Adamson E
25. T Rees F
26. M Allen H
27. G Hodgkinson F
28. J Duckett.
Many thanks to all helpers, without their assistance its impossible to run an event.
Superb results service by Paul, Steve, Christine and Doug Dring.
Thank you everyone for a great safe race, even the rain held off!!