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MK Bowl racing

The Ron Day MK bowl circuit races (sponsored by Church Lane Creative). Week 3 – 22nd June 2021
Another lovely dry, sunny evening for bike racing. A great safe race for everyone riding the large circuit anti clockwise from the gun tonight, finishing on the green for a change (My favourite circuit).
A bunch gallop for the EFGHW race with a small break of 5 riders during the last few laps in the ABCD race. Well done everyone.
Thank you to Team MK for suppling all the helpers and setting up and putting away the course equipment and marshaling.
The next race is the 13th July.
I am in need of 5 more helpers from 6pm on the 20th July and 9 helpers for 17th, 24th and 31st Aug to enable me to run the event. Please message me and put your name down to marshal if you have not done so already. Each rider only needs to marshal once.
It’s great to be back and see everyone and to be watching bike racing on a Tuesday night.