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The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 10 – 5th July 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).

Treated to another dry sunny evening of great bike racing. A good turnout of riders, thank you very much everyone.
Lots of attacking in both races, Mark Booth getting away on his own in the EFGH event with a strong ride leading to him winning by 25 seconds clear in the end, followed by a bunch sprint won by Steve Dunton.
It was amazing to have the lovely H cat Peter Jones join us tonight, well done Peter, you are an inspiration.
The ABCD race finished with a bunch sprint with the Luton boys in blue taking the 1, 2, Paul Bird winning just ahead of Mike Jackson.
Congratulations to all our winners and a massive thank you to all our helpers. A special thank you to Roland Elston’s wife Sue, who turns up to help set up and marshal every single week. Thank you so much Sue, we really appreciate you.
As always I am looking for helpers for next week please (as well as riders 🤣) so please enter and bring a friend to help if you can (please let me know about helpers).
See you next week x
Results can be found at:-