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Welland Trophy 15 mile Time Trial

VTTA Midlands 15 mile TT K47/15, Welland, Worcs, 9th April 2022

2-up TTT
1st  Gareth Pymm & Tim Hood, Team Bottrill  32:15
2nd Gerard Henry & James Foggensteiner, University of Warwick/Apus peak RT  32:52
3rd Philip Kelly & Jonathan Read, Velo Karbona/Race Rapid  35:47
Solo Men
1st Malachi Cashmore, Malvern Cycle Sport  33:26
2nd Jon Howard, Team Echelon  33:35
3rd Tom Hale, Cambridge University CC  33:41
4th Joseph Costello, Walsall Roads CC  34:25
5th Crispin Doyle, VTTA Wessex  34:40
6th Kevin Lane, Droitwich CC  35:10
Solo Women
1st Jessica Rhodes-Jones, AeroCoach  34:46
2nd Lauren Creamer, Velo Fixers  35:05
3rd Celia Brown, Beacon Roads CC  37:42
4th Denise Burrows, AeroCoach  38:42
5th Susan Semple, Stafford RC  38:47
6th Emma Bexson, Stratford CC  39:25
Vets on Standard
Joseph Costello  +7:47
2-up TTT on Standard
William Davies & Mike Amery, Velo Club Sevale +4:21
Wayne Baker, Team Echelon  48:22
Road Bike
Crispin Doyle
Team Prize