The Ron Day MK Bowl Race 2

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The Ron Day MK Bowl Race 2

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A dissappointing number of entries and only 1 helper tonight,but we were so lucky that the race was dry after a huge thunderstorm and biblical rain only a couple of hours before.

A small ABCD race quickly became a Gavin Howell train for many laps, the group worked hard but Gavin left them, powering away to catch them for a lap up on their last lap, winning on the bunch bell lap in the group but went round again (for fun) to win again (organisers headache 🤣 bell? or flag?).

The EFGHW event had a few attacks from Steve James only to be brought back, finishing with a bunch sprint that Steve won.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to everyone who came out to ride and support tonight. Thank you to our helper Michael Darcy who gave up his own race to help tonight.

Without HELPERS these races cannot be run, next week we have none and then 1 for the 2 weeks afterwards. I need 6 people to run the race out of the gates please and at least 1 other helper every week to man the gates as I can’t be at the start, finish and gates.

If you want to race you can bring a helper with you (over 16). Please volunteer so that the series can continue.