The Ron Day MK Bowl Race 4

Sponsored by Church Lane Creative

The Ron Day MK Bowl Race 4

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The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 4 – 23rd May 2023 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).

We were blessed with a beautiful, still, warm evening tonight. 27 riders split into two races as usual, staying inside the bowl for 30 mins and then going out the top gates to complete the larger lap.

The ABCD race looked super fast tonight and kept me on my toes splitting into many groups, first Bobby McGlue and new rider Nick James rode away for several laps and were then joined by Aleck HornshawMichael DArcy and Gavin Howell, these then split into a 2, 2 and 1, with Gavin and Bobby riding away, the other 3 being caught by another chasing group. Gavin won the spint with the sprint behind being won by Glenn McMenamin.

Thankfully for me the EFGHW group mainly stayed together with a ‘Stewart 1,2, the bunch sprint being won by James Stewart, closley followed by Paul Stewart

We sadly had one rider fall tonight but apart from some sore road rash and his helmet doing it’s job, I am glad to say he is OK, Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Massive thank you to all our helpers tonight as always and congratulations to our winners.

NO RACE BEING ORGANISED BY THE BIRD TEAM NEXT WEEK but Chris Gunter and Richard Hooper are organising one in our absence, so thank you very much and have a great evening of safe racing everyone. 

See you on the 6th June