Addiscome CC Old Road Race

Promoted by Marek Siwicki Part of the Stallard Series

Addiscome CC Old Road Race

An extremely tough edition of Addiscombe Old Race (Stallard Event) was held in exceptionally testing conditions in Surrey today. 🌧️🌧️🌞🌧️🌧️

Chapeau to Marek Siwicki, Addiscombe Support (Marshals) and the Motor Bike Marshals for managing to put on such a good event after “gritting” took place on the original road circuit.

Latest Stallard rankings here:
Standings of the ABCD categories
Standings of the EFGH&W categories

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat PosSeries Points
ABCD1Graham WallerTeam bottrillA1150
2Warren JesseBMCRB1150
3Rowan HornerVC St RaphaelC1150
4Christopher QuinBioracer uk RTC2140
5James BonhamWolfox CAMS Le Col RTA2140
6Mark SmithCrawley Wheelers Race TeamC3135
7Darren FarrCC LutonB2140
8Stuart BettisOne Resourcing RTA3135
9Roy ChamberlainCorley Cycles RCD1150
10Michael D’ArcyCC LutonC4130
11Jeremy LeakeVCGHD2140
12Darrell PembrokeTeam Velo SportifC5125
13Jonathan SmithLeCol RTB3135
14Kieron LewisCC LutonC6120
15Richard BarkerLong Steady DaysC7118
17Andrew LoweCorley Cycles RCD4130
18David RuttyVelo Club BristolC8116
19Toks Adesanyaaddiscombe ccD5125
20Paul MolloyDolan ellesse D6120
21Gavin FrancisLondon DynamoD7118
22Noah FaiersTemporary MemberC9114
DNFAndy BuckwellHub Velo CCD
david tateArctic Aircon RTC
john watsonHitchin Nomads CCD
Keith WalkerWigmore CCD
lee smithLong Steady DaysC
Mark FentonAerologic RTD
Os AssemFinchley RTD
Rob BickersEastbourne RoversD
Steve DringTeam EchelonC
Steve NoelParadigm CyclesD
stuart evansCrawley Wheelers Race TeamD
Vince DivineFinchley RTC
Joe HortonEast Grinstead Cycling Club B
Ross OvensTemporary MemberA
David Kennettaddiscombe ccD
Ian LeedingNorwood Paragon CCD
Richard SternBMCRD
EFGH1Stephen WilkinsonTeam WheelguruF1150
2Nigel LangridgeCrawley Wheelers Race TeamE1150
3Trevor HammondVC DealE2140
4Stephen PiperVelo Schils Interbike RTE3135
5Steve BlakePlymouth Corinthians E4130
6Andrew DonaldsonBMCRG1150
7Trevor BradburyPython RTF2140
8Helen Taylor-CarterBedfordshire Road Race TeamW1150
9Deano SibthorpeEchelon Race TeamE5125
10Keith MiddletonVelo Club LincolnF3135
11Jeremy AdamsonBMCRF4130
12Colin ChambersCrawley Wheelers Race TeamE6120
13Patrick EllerbeckVeloElite RCG2140
14bob fordCycle works-VitecFire-FordCE-TrekG3135
15Dave McMullenCotswold VeldrijdenG4130
16Tony CarterBMCRG5125
17Mario ManelfiBMCRE7118
18pete bishopExeter WheelersE8116
19John PhillipsSotonia CCF5125
20Bill CottonBelper Bicycle ClubH1150
DNFHaydn DaviesGiant CC Halo FilmsG
ralph keelerSt.Ives CCG
Martin FisherBMCRF
Martin NorrisWarwick Lanterne Rouge CCE
Chris DunnAPI-AngliasportF
Vince EllisVelo Schils Interbike RTF
Kevin HickmanAPI-AngliasportF
Gary HetrickVelo Schils Interbike RTE
Dave ScargillTeam Albany G
Jonathan DaviesStourbridge VeloF
Keith JarrettGS VecchiE
mark conroyDulwich Paragon CCE
Richard BarnesIslington CCE
Steve JamesCC LutonE

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.