Anti-Doping Bulletin – Winter 2022/3

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Anti-Doping Bulletin – Winter 2022/3

This quarter I will focus on two topics; the updated WADA list and the use of supplements.

As those of you have downloaded the 100% Me app will already have been informed, the World Antidoping Association has published their 2023 list of proscribed substances.

Please check it out particularly if you have been prescribed any medication. It may have changed from last year. This is very easy to do from the app.

Now the rather murky subject of supplements. Probably some of you may be regularly taking supplements even if it’s just a daily multi-vitamin tablet or perhaps a dietary supplement.

The main thing to know about supplements is that there is no comprehensive list of which are ok and free from a proscribed substance.

You should approach all supplements with care and remember the WADA Code states that riders are solely responsible for any prohibited substances in their system regardless of how it got there or if there was any intention to cheat.

What can you do to ensure safe compliance? Question whether you need supplements, perhaps dietary advice is what you need.

*Conduct a thorough internet search prior to using any supplement.

*Be aware that ingredient labelling on products may be inaccurate. If a company claims that a product has been approved by UKAD/WADA then this statement is inaccurate as neither body approves or endorses products.

*If you choose to use a supplement, only use batch tested products to minimise the risks of contamination. Be aware of the consequences as you could receive a 4 year ban.

*If you have any concerns over the use of supplements consult first the 100%ME app. which should be able to answer your questions. If not contact me and I shall try to help. I’m no expert but I can discuss with UKAD, all in confidence of course.

Trevor Mills
NEC member, BMCR