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Our membership varies from newbies to World Champions; there is a place for everyone, whatever ability.


Most people have heard of the Everesting Challenge. Some of you may have completed it either on ZWIFT or on real roads. Contador recently set a new world record for the Everest challenge of about 7.5 hours for 8848 meters of climbing. As of writing Irishman Ronan McLaughlin has broken the Contador record by about 20 minutes! Average power 263 watts on Mamore Gap County Donegal. He raised a lot of money for his chosen charity the Community Rescue Service. BMCR announce its own version as something to focus on during these days without racing.

The Everesting Challenge is 8848 meters of climbing. The BMCR challenge is set as close to 50% of Everest as we can for our youngest age groups with lesser meters climbed challenges reflecting our normal age groupings. To make it a little more relevant this can be viewed as comprising

Ben Nevis 1345 meters

Snowdon 1085 meters

Carrauntoohil 1036 meters (Rep of Ireland)

Scafell 978 meters

Total 4444 meters (as near as 50% Everest as we can get)


BMCR offer three challenges. The shortest elapsed time for the meters climbed is the goal.

BMCR Age Category A and B – The Double 4 Double 4 Challenge – 4444 meters of climbing required

BMCR Age Category C, D and E – The Double 3 Double 3 Challenge – 3333 meters of climbing required

BMCR Age Category F, G, H – The Double 2 Double 2 Challenge – 2222 meters of climbing required.

The above recognises the inescapable fact that our climbing capability declines rapidly, sadly, above 65 yrs.


Solo efforts – no pacing from “friends”

Real Roads (Not Zwift etc) We may consider a “Virtual” competition for the winter depending on support.

Any hill in the world

All completed in one 24-hour period – as existing Everesting rules. This means that if a break or rest is taken of any sort it MUST be included in the total elapsed time.

Classified by normal BMCR age groups.

No electric bikes.

STRAVA or Garmin with one singe ride file is the platform of record. Screen shot or actual ride record to be emailed to

No disputes considered – ITS INTENDED TO BE SELF MANAGING AND RIDERS BASIC HONESTY REQUIRED. BMCR does not have the resources or desire to manage this in any other way.

Finish date for this competition Sunday 25th October

Riders welcome to complete an out of age group Challenge and will be highlighted on the results sheet if this is the case.

Results sheets will be published and kept up to date on BMCR Facebook and web site pages. Email for submission

TO ALL PARICIPANTS: Your submitted data MUST include, name, BMCR membership number, date of ride, name of hill or road number used, meters climbed, time taken. We do not want to be chasing you for these details. This is a new competition and experiment for BMCR. It is a very tough challenge particularly for the A and B categories so we will keep it under close review and modify if required.

All feedback and shared experiences to the

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