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Antony Wallis,Good Advice.

Good morning everyone.

I got engaged in a debate yesterday that had initially started regarding the risks of riding in groups, and I think most of us are agreed by now that this is no longer something we should be doing. I took it one step further and suggested that we actually shouldn’t be riding outside at all to avoid negative impact on the NHS should we fall and injure ourselves, this was also to some degree based upon a conversation I had three times over the weekend with my 84 year old father who has been out every day. My advice to him stays the same but I totally get why 95% of people on here would disagree with me and with the balance of all of our mental health by not going out against the very small risk of injury I totally understand that. It was also a little unfair of me to suggest that training indoors on rollers, a wattbike or turbo is easy if that is not what you do. It was unfair of me because that is what I do summer and winter already and for two reasons, firstly it’s very efficient, you get on ride, generally don’t puncture and get off in a relatively short period of time compared to a road ride, and secondly the traffic, I absolutely hate it, I do go out on gravel and mountain bikes but traffic avoidance is top of the list.. I still believe that we should do anything and everything to reduce impact on the NHS, but if you have no other option than to go out, you either live in a flat, or simply will kill someone if you have to train indoors then I am sure you will do everything possible to reduce risk.

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Racing Suspended

BMCR interim announcement.

Following the announcement last week and the constantly changing situation it now seems highly unlikely that we will be racing again in the near future, potentially not at all this season.

With this in mind and instead of pushing the date further and further back – All BMCR events are cancelled until further notice.

Hopefully we will be through this sooner than we think and racing will then continue.


Announcement re Covid 19

URGENT Announcement Re Coronavirus and Competitive Events

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Dear Member,

Our priority is the well-being, health and safety of all our members, volunteers and the general public. We are continuing to monitor the situation in line with Government guidelines and recommendations. 

Given yesterday’s updated guidelines from the UK Government and the significant changes in the transmission and infection rate of the virus, it is with sincere regret that:

BMCR is mandating the cancellation of all events with immediate effect for an initial 6 week period. Organisers should refund rider entry fees and if concerned should discuss with their regional officials or me in the first instance.

This decision will be reviewed daily and in line with UK Government guidelines. It is likely however that this will remain in place for weeks rather than days.

Best Regards,

Nigel Byrne 07894221479

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