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Our membership varies from newbies to World Champions; there is a place for everyone, whatever ability.


Cycle racing, though healthy and enjoyable, is not an essential activity, so it should not increase the risk of catching Covid 19 for BMCR members, helpers, or anyone else.

Firstly, all competitors should be reminded (in pre-race information) that they should not compete, or even attend, if they, or anyone with whom they have been in close contact recently, has been tested positive for Covid 19 or is displaying symptoms.

Any helpers whose age or health condition makes them more at risk from Covid 19 should be offered jobs such as marshalling where contact with others is minimal.

The overall principle is that all those involved in a BMCR event should:

  • Maintain the social distancing rules currently in force – 1 metre ‘plus’
  • Not congregate in any group larger than currently permitted (gatherings of more than 30 people are still illegal)
  • Take all reasonable steps to reduce the possibility of physical transfer of infection, by hand-washing, use of hand sanitizers and minimising shared contact with objects.

Signing-on, numbers, changing and use of toilets

Signing-on may take place inside the HQ if there is sufficient space to ensure social distancing, otherwise it should take place outdoors. It should be supervised at a distance by an official who can check licenses and answer any questions. Competitors should be asked to bring their own pens, but hand sanitizer should also be provided.

Disposable numbers should be used if possible, and competitors should be asked to provide their own safety pins. Re-usable numbers should be collected after the event without direct handling, and sanitized.

Competitors should be asked to change discreetly outdoors or in their vehicles, but if there is sufficient space in the HQ, a few competitors at any one time may change there quickly.

Toilet areas will operate on a ‘one in one out’ basis with a suitably spaced queue. All users must wash their hands afterwards.

All involved should be instructed to follow any social distancing and hygiene measures put in place by the venue managers, for example distancing markers on floors.


Equipment used by marshals (bibs and flags) should not be directly handled by others for 3 days previously, or should be sanitized. After the event it should not be handled directly by others.

Starting area

There will be no pusher-off. The starting timekeeper will maintain an appropriate distance from starting riders, and may choose to do so from their car if space allows.

Riders will remain distanced from each other as they wait, and should not arrive at the start area any sooner than necessary. It may be necessary to have a helper controlling the start area.

Riders overtaking other riders

Competitors should be reminded in pre-race information that the normal rules for time trials apply: if you are overtaken by another rider you must allow a gap of 30-50 metres and must not re-pass unless you can sustain your pace. In addition, riders should not pass within a metre when overtaking.

Refreshments, results and prizes

When space and weather permit, refreshments may be served outdoors, with appropriate hygiene and distancing. All cups, plates and utensils will be disposable.

When space and weather permit, a simple results board may be displayed outdoors. Full results should be sent out to competitors by email, and posted on the BMCR website and the BMCR Facebook page as soon as possible after the event.

Competitors, helpers and others should all be asked not to congregate or linger around the refreshments or results board.

There will be no prize presentations. Prizes will be sent after the event.

Requirement for rear lights

It is up to event organisers to decide whether the use of rear lights should be optional, advised or mandatory for their event, and to communicate that to riders.

Issued 8th July 2020