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BMCR Guidance on Coronavirus.

BMCR Interim Guidance on Coronavirus to riders and organisers
Sunday 15th March 2020

This guidance takes into account statements issued by other cycling governing bodies, including TLI Cycling and British Cycling, and is in line with current UK Government health guidance, indicating that small-scale sporting events can go ahead. However, we should be taking what steps we can to limit the risk of spreading infection.
We are not recommending cancelling races at the moment, but we will keep the situation under review and issue further guidance as necessary.
Consequently, for any races in the near future organisers, riders and helpers are asked to:
Not attend the event if they are feeling unwell with any Coronavirus-related symptoms e.g. fever, cough, respiratory symptoms.
Not attend the event if they have been in contact with someone suspected of having Coronavirus or are in self-isolation for any other reason.
Not bring friends or family members attending with them into the HQ.
Avoid shaking hands or any other direct physical contact with others.
Wash hands and follow any other instructions before signing-on.
Ensure that any nose or throat clearing during the race is done well away from other riders, helpers or spectators.
Wash hands before using catering facilities.

Organisers are asked to review arrangements for changing in the HQ and gathering in the HQ for prize presentations in the light of the weather and the conditions of the HQ. If the HQ is small and riders would be at very close quarters, organisers may require riders to change in their cars. If weather permits, it may be possible to hold the prize presentation outdoors. In some cases, organisers may decide not to hold a prize presentation.

Please check the BMCR website and Facebook page regularly for updates.
BMCR National Executive Committee