Crawley Wheelers RT May Classic

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Crawley Wheelers RT May Classic

Latest Region 9 Series rankings

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat PosSeries Points
AStuart BettisOne Resourcing RTA120
Ross Matheson4T+ CycloparkA217
Ryan MachinCrawley Wheelers Race TeamA314
BRichard CartlandHunt Bike WheelsB120
Andy BettsBMCRB217
Clee smithLong Steady DaysC120
Rowan HornerVC St RaphaelC217
Vince DivineFinchley RTC314
Kieron LewisCC LutonC412
Jeremy HonorEquipe VeloC510
Darrell PembrokeTeam Velo SportifC68
Richard BarkerLong Steady DaysC76
Frank BauerTeam Velo SportifC84
rob fletcherEquipe VeloC93
david tateArctic Aircon RTC102
Steve DringTeam EchelonC11
Chris SmithPython RTC12
Michael D’ArcyCC LutonC13
Richard UnwinGS VecchiC14
Mike JacksonCC LutonC15
Richard BurchettCrawley Wheelers Race TeamC16
Charles LongridgeHurlingham Cycling Club C17
DAndy BuckwellHub Velo CCD120
Keith WalkerWigmore CCD217
Gavin FrancisLondon DynamoD314
Steve NoelParadigm CyclesD412
Os AssemFinchley RTD510
Andrew BuurmanRapha CCD68
Emmeric Hurault4T+ CycloparkD76
Patrick HAWKINSDulwich Paragon CCD84
ISSY ZIMMERMANRegents Park Rouleurs D93
Jonathan DonaldLondon DynamoD102
Toks Adesanyaaddiscombe ccD11
Kevin PlummerTeam TMC StradaD12
ETrevor HammondVC DealE120
Julian BrayDulwich Paragon CCE217
Craig WilsonVC MeudonE314
Chris BealesViCiOUS VELOE412
Mark BremnerVC MeudonE510
Richard BarnesIslington CCE68
pete bishopExeter WheelersE76
Stuart HowardPB Cycle CoachingE84
FRobert CranstoneGS VecchiF120
Martin FisherBMCRF217
Trevor BradburyPython RTF314
Julian Niles-CunningtonLong Steady DaysF412
Trevor GannonBMCRF510
Gbob fordCycle works-VitecFire-FordCE-TrekG120
ralph keelerSt.Ives CCG217
alan williamsKingsnorth InternationalG314

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.

For the first time on a Sunday, we were promised and delivered beautiful warm sunny wind free conditions for a race.
A far cry from the cold, miserable, possibly life affirming/changing drenchings we have all accepted as the norm so far in 2024.
Even the much feared traffic issues with the closed section of the M25 did not impact anyone’s journey to the lovely village of Handcross.
Crawley Wheelers RT had taken over the Parish Hall, and turned it into Bike Central.
Having not raced or ridden the circuit since 1977, I used a full lap as my warm up alongside the wonderful Peter Bishop, all the way up from Exeter, riding a beautiful 25 year old Bianchi, and realized early on that this would be a race to remember. It resembles the 3 circuits of Retchingley, Blackmore and Chailey all rolled into one 9 mile circuit. Short steepish critters, long drags, very long drags and fast flowing descents, always something to keep you on the rivet.
The EFG race was the last of the 3 groups to start, with 34 riders, a plethora of big hitters, as well as many opting to use this race as their first for several seasons. Inspired, or grand folly? 
After  a short neutralized zone, the race was on, 43 miles of mixed (polite version) terrain in what was soon to be 26°C.
The first lap was a 3/4 lap, with 4 full laps to follow, but it meant climbing the nasty critter of a hill 5 times. The first time was brutal with the race being strung out in a long broken line. Mercifully, the pace slowed at the crossroads at the top, the protagonists possibly realizing this pace was just not doable for the entire race. By now, we had lost 5 or 6 riders, never to be seen again.
So the first shots had been fired.
The first time up the long drag gave us all a taste of things to come, a full 2kms of a relentless energy sapping grind, so long, even after 2 of 3 laps, you were still not sure where the summit was.
This is where the real damage was done on the 2nd lap, the steep ramp again stretching it out, and the following long drag the end of the single but slightly fractured bunch. 
The cream of the Es shot off the front, led by the amazing but until then, fairly subdued Chris Beales, with him were Trevor Hammond, Julian Bray, Craig Wilson and Mark Brenner.
Further up the long drag, another group muscled off the front which included the best of the Fs, Costa Periedes, Robert Cranstone, Martin Fisher, Trevor Bradbury and Julian Niles- Cunnington, plus the fast improving E Richard Barnes and the aforementioned E Peter Bishop. 2 riders just happy to be at the business end (albeit the 2nd group!!!) of a full on road race.
The 2nd group was working like a well oiled machine, through and off on the ‘flat’ parts anyhow, and we kept the lead 5 in sight.
By the end of lap 2, they had 45 seconds on us. The next lap seemed quicker than the previous one but with the next time check 2.55, we were either flagging, or the Es were kicking along hard, and Costa punctured, thus losing us 20% of our engine.
RB was riding hard at the front, forcing a 10 gap, spurring RC to make a big move, closely followed by TB and MF, and eventually JNC. After a minute, the moved floundered, the heat and draining circuit combining to render such heroics fruitless. So it was down to the last 3 miles and the watching and waiting began. Everyone thought they had a chance at winning the F race, but it was RC who took the win up the slight drag to the finish line, followed by MF and TB, and then JNC.
Everyone’s face told the same story of a super hot, demanding relentless race, and the ride back up the long long drag, this time in the little ring, was enjoyable, and a good couple of miles warm down, perfect.
Some new names for the 2024 BMCR Race Series, things are starting to heat up.