Fleche Waltonne DEFG Road Race

An ABCD Stallard Series Event Promoted by Welland Valley CC

Fleche Waltonne DEFG Road Race

With a huge thanks to Phil Rayner and team for organising this event.

Latest Stallard Series rankings here (for the ABCD series).

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat PosSeries Points
DEFG1karl SmithBott Cycle TeamD1150
2Richard MooreSquadra RTD2140
3Paul JamesBMCRE1
4Andy Bennettfit360.co.uk D3135
5steve gibsonPeak Road ClubD4130
6john watsonHitchin Nomads CCD5125
7Mark FentonAerologic RTD6120
8Paul MolloyDolan ellesse D7118
9Paul ThursfieldGraham Weigh RTD8116
10Andrew LoweCorley Cycles RCD9114
11Unidentified rider(blank)
12Richard NorrisHaste CCD10112
13Nigel LangridgeCrawley Wheelers Race TeamE2
14Michael BellNew Brighton CC D11
15Neil WhiteAmbion Racing Team D12
16Tony GrassbyPeak Road Club D13
17Deano SibthorpeEchelon Race TeamE3
18Carl DeeTeam EchelonD14
19Michael WeaverRockingham Forest WheelersD15
20ISSY ZIMMERMANRegents Park Rouleurs D16
21Andrew HicklinPeak Road ClubD17
22ian cooperTeam Ohten AveasD18
23Martin NorrisWarwick Lanterne Rouge CCE4
24Keith MiddletonVelo Club LincolnF1
25Paul TurnerArctic Aircon RTD19
26Tony CarterBMCRG1
27Andrew LockleyLichfield City CCD20
28Jeremy AdamsonBMCRF2

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail info@bmcr.org.uk. Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.