On a wet evening 30 riders took the start with the 4 EFGH riders having a half lap lead. At the whistle for a lap to go for the first prime they were still clear but they were caught  before the line where Matt Steel took the first prime. He continued his effort and was joined by Mark Cain. They were soon joined by Marco Coppola and the trio built up a 20 sec lead. They stayed clear until the second prime taken by Matt Steel at which Cain was distanced. Whilst they were never able to increase their lead they managed to stay clear until 3 laps to go when they were joined by Richard Barker. However at the bell they were all together. Despite having spent about half the race in the break Coppolo was able to jump clear with 1km to go with Duncan Rimmer which they were able to hold until the line with Murat Ozdenya taking the bunch sprint.

Overall, after 3 events, Aaron Green leads Cat A with 8 points from Lukasz Galka with 4; in Cat B Matt Holmes has 8 points with Duncan Rimmer on 4 and Matt Steel on 3; Marco Coppola leads Cat C with 8 points with Paul Spicely on 6; Cat D is very close with Keith Walker on 5, Jason Fitchew, Dave Farrow and Paul Turner on 4; in Cat E  Stephen Piper leads with 10 points from Martin Meades with 6 ; and Steven Wade-Jones leads Cat F with a maximum 12 points.

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat PosSeries Points
All1Marco CoppolaColourtech RTC14
2Duncan RimmerMorden CRCB14
3Murat OzdenyaTeam Vision Racing Silver HookC22
4Richard BarkerLong Steady DaysC31
5Tomasz ChmielewskiFinchley RTC4
6Paul TurnerArctic Aircon RTD14
7Paul SpiceleyColourtech RTC5
8Andy BuckwellHub Velo CCD22
9Kevin KnowlesRaphaB22
10david tateArctic Aircon RTC6
11Paul RuffyTemporary MemberB31
12Richard O’RourkeTeam Vision Racing Silver HookC7
13Matt SteelPronto Bikes RTB4
14Stephen PiperVelo Schils Interbike RTE14
15David FarrowEagle Road ClubD31
16Steven Wade-JonesBishops Stortford CCF14
17Paul HughesSouthend WheelersD4
18Graham RuddAPI-AngliasportB5
19david promSan Fairy Ann CCD5
20Joe HortonEast Grinstead Cycling Club B6
21paul Davies Velo Schils Interbike RTB7
22Duncan ThomasTeam AerocyclesE22
23Lukasz GalkaFinchley RTA14
24Trevor GannonBMCRF22

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.