GS Vecchi “Bovington Bomber”

Promoted by GS Vecchi at the Bovington Circuit in Dorset

GS Vecchi “Bovington Bomber”

With a huge thanks to Robert Cranstone and the GS Vecchi team for organising this event.

A game of two halves…..this morning’s race saw the youngsters As, Bs, Cs and Ds strutting their stuff. A slightly chilly and breezy start saw the ABs set off with a 5 minute start over the CDs. Although the racing in the ABs was vigorous the CD race was really kicking off, Rowan Horner (VC st Raphael) put in a ‘massive attack’ taking Richard Unwin (GS Vecchi) with him. The two caught and passed the AB race and then Rowan pressed on as Richard was caught by the (now) ABCD bunch. The race split back into CD and AB groups with Rowan maintaining a comfortable (not that he looked it!) lead to the finish. Paul Dring (Echelon) clipped off the front on the last lap to take second and brother Steve (also Echelon) just held off a fast finishing John Wager (GS Vecchi) for third.

And so to the second half…..The sun was out, blue sky and a warm wind, arm and leg warmers consigned to the bottom of kit bags until the autumn! The race started with a flurry of attacks which were all chased down until Tim Costello (GS Vecchi) put in a stinging attack towards the end of lap 1. Tim started to disappear and then Mark Bremner (VC Meudon) set off in pursuit. The bunch the held the gap for a couple of laps until Paul James (Destination Bike RT) and Steve Blake (Plymouth Corinthians) gave chase, eventually the chasers caught Tim and Mark to contest the finish. Meanwhile the bunch continued to lose riders in an attritional but forlorn chase.

Coming to the finish the leaders sprinted out the E category with Paul James beating Steve Blake and Tim Costello for the win. In the bunch Trevor Bradbury (Python RT) out sprinted Rob Cranstone (GS Vecchi) and Vince Ellis (Schils Doltcini RT). In the G race, Bob Ford (Cycleworks VitecFire Ford CE Trek) took the spoils from Malcolm Freeman (GS Vecchi) and Brian Burgess (GS Vecchi). And finally honourable mention to our two women racers, Lucia Borradaile (CC Weymouth) and Angela Simpson (PDQ Property Elite) with both finishing a tough event.

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat Pos
ABCDLeighton SmithPoole WheelersA1
Andrew ThomasTeam Velo SportifA2
Luke Hardiman Temporary MemberA3
mark ValentinePoole WheelersB1
1Rowan HornerVC St RaphaelC1
2Paul DringTeam EchelonC2
3Steve DringTeam EchelonC3
4John WagerGS VecchiC4
Frank BauerTeam Velo SportifC5
Richard UnwinGS VecchiC6
Darrell PembrokeTeam Velo SportifC7
Christopher CrowtherArmy Cycling Union C8
Ashley RussellBMCRC9
Ben AnsellTemporary MemberC10
2Steve BlakePlymouth Corinthians E2
3Tim CostelloGS VecchiE3
4Mark BremnerVC MeudonE4
5James StewartQN RacingE5
Alisdair CraigBournemouth Jubilee WheelersE6
Simon Bowllerberkhamsted ccE7
David LesterCC WeymouthE8
6Trevor BradburyPython RTF1
Robert CranstoneGS VecchiF2
Vince EllisVelo Schils Interbike RTF3
Steve CooperRevo RacingF4
Les LiddiardGS VecchiF5
Michael BanfieldDHCF6
bob fordCycle works-VitecFire-FordCE-TrekG1
Malcolm FreemanGS VecchiG2
Brian BurgessGS VecchiG3
Angela SimpsonPDQ Cycle CoachingW(E)1
lucia borradaileCC Weymouth W(H)1

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.