Hog Hill Spring Cup

From Hog Hill Part of the Region 9 series

Hog Hill Spring Cup

With a huge thanks to Lee Smith and the Long Steady Days team for organising the race.

Part of the 2024 Region 9 series. Latest rankings here.

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat PosSeries Points
ABCD1Andrew HastingsHaste CCA120
2matt holmesArctic Aircon RTB120
3Antony WallisBorn to Bike RTD120
4david tateArctic Aircon RTC120
5Duncan RimmerMorden CRCB217
6Matt SteelPronto Bikes RTB314
7Andy BuckwellHub Velo CCD217
8David FarrowEagle Road ClubD314
9Kevin Barkerciclos unoC217
DNFBrad LambVictoria CCCDNF
Ian DawsonGemini BcCDNF
Kieron LewisCC LutonCDNF
Os AssemFinchley RTDDNF
Paul ButlerPB Cycle CoachingCDNF
Paul ThursfieldGraham Weigh RTDDNF
Neil PearsonGemini BcCDNF
Brett TraversVC RevolutionCDNF
david promSan Fairy Ann CCDDNF
EFGHIW1Julian Niles-CunningtonLong Steady DaysF120
2Nigel LangridgeCrawley Wheelers Race TeamE120
3Costa PieridesFinchley RTF217
4Stephen PiperVelo Schils Interbike RTE217
5martin meadesciclos unoE314
6Gary HartlesBMCRF314
7Trevor GannonBMCRF412
8Tony CarterBMCRG120
9Stuart HowardPB Cycle CoachingE412
10Duncan ThomasTeam AerocyclesE510
11Dave WoodsCC LutonH120
12DAVE BURTONSussex nomads ccH217
13Clare E Belle SimonRacer NanG217
14Elizabeth HallidaySussex nomads ccG314
15Raymond Batsford Penge CCI120

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail info@bmcr.org.uk. Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.