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LE COL/Arcadian/Velopace Series 2020

Dear Members, notice from Tom McCall

LE COL/Arcadian/Velopace Series 2020

We have 13 events lined up for next year. The points allocation will remain the same – 15points for a win down to 3 points for 10 in each Age Category, and the best 8 results will count towards the overall. As before, there must be a minimum of 5 results to qualify for an overall award, two of which must be Road results.A vote of thanks to our regular promoters for your support. We also have two new promotions – our new co-sponsor Eddie Bell will promote on the Ninfield course in in August, and Trevor Bradbury will promote on a circuit in Oxfordshire in July.The San Fairy Ann crits at the Gravesend Cyclopark in March will offer an early opportunity to gain some points.Additionally, Olly MacPherson and Kingsnorth International will be putting on a 2-day at the Fowlmead circuit on the Kent coast in May.

Thankfully, he is not put off by the dismal entry this year – especially you younger guys – and that the prospect of a 2-day will hopefully encourage more to enter. My understanding is that the larger circuit will be used, and that there will be a prologue time trial + 2 stages. There will be double points available for theGC result only – not for any individual stage. This format was run successfully in the recent past, and there was a large entry – so how about making the effort this time!However, you do not have to be a mathematician to work out that we have lost three events from this year – unfortunately all Road races. This leaves us with only five Roadrounds, which is disappointing, but my appeals for new promotions have largely fallen on deaf ears. If you guys who do nothing except ride have no interest in putting something back to get more events on, there is not a lot I can do about it!It is still not too late if you want to promote a Road round next year – contact me if you do. “Tom McCall – Series co-ordinator at

2020 Series calendar below:-

March 7 – San Fairy Ann crits – Gravesent Cyclopark

April 26– Finchley RT – Road – Blackmore, Essex

May 17th – GS Vecchi Dunsfold Airfield – Surrey

May 23/24 – Kingsnorth International 2-day – Fowlmead, Kent

June 7– Hoggenberg & Eddie Cook Memorial – Hog Hill

June 14– San Fairy Ann – Road – Ladies Mile, East Sussex

June 28– In Gear – Road, South Chailey, East Sussex

July 5– Eagle RC – Olympic Velopark – incorporating Region 9 crit champs

July 19-  Python RT – Dalton Barracks – Abingdon, Oxfordshire

July 26– Southend Over the Hill – Hog Hill

August 2– Verulam Really Moving – Hog Hill

August 16– Beachey Head CC – Road – Ninfield, East Sussex

August 30– Dulwich Paragon finale – Road – Bletchingley, Surrey