Mick Ives (1939-2024)

An outstanding champion who was involved from the very start of the LVRC in 1986, and was still planning events for the 2024 season. A heartfelt thanks to Mick from BMCR

Mick Ives (1939-2024)

We were all very sad to hear the new that Mick Ives had passed away last week at the age of 84 and our thoughts are with Mick’s family and friends as they go through this very difficult time.

There have been many fine words recorded in tribute to Mick already on various media outlets, and an obituary written by Rory Hitchens can be found on the British Cycling website. These comments are written to record and acknowledge Mick’s immense and literally invaluable contribution to BMCR (formally the LVRC).

Mick was involved from the very start of the LVRC in 1986 as a fledging cycling organization dedicated to all riders over 40 years. He remained on the National Executive Committee for over 30 years. Those early years were characterized by slow but steady development in terms of number of members and numbers of races. Some very strong characters were involved, of which Mick was one, strong and discordant views expressed but Mick always took a non-personal approach and remained committed and focused on the development of the sport for the over 40s known at the time as ‘Veterans’.

In the early days heavy handed resistance materialized from other cycling organisations but Mick, and many others at the time, remained committed to LVRC / BMCR objectives with the result we now have the strong organisation, accepted by all, that it is. 

LVRC / BMCR has evolved through a huge period of diverse change which Mick embraced and actively supported. This included the move away from a paper-based organisation to one run on IT, the inclusion of Time trials, Cyclocross, the encouragement of the participation of women and latterly the name change to BMCR.  

LVRC Region 7 was always one of the more successful Regions, and still is, influenced heavily by the races that Mick and his team in MI Racing organised.  MI Racing events set a standard for others to learn from and invariably were tough, demanding and attritional ensuring that the best rider usually won.

The hugely successful BMCR Percy Stallard Race Series for Masters racers was created and driven forward by Mick and MI Racing in the very early days of its existence with the consequence we now have probably the most popular national series for Masters racing in the UK.

Mick and friends travelled throughout the UK to support races where he always had time to chat and speak with others enthusiastically promoting BMCR and its objectives.

Latterly Mick, with great insight, stood down from the NEC but remained highly active with MI Racing continuing to organise races.  Even during his final days he was planning 2024 races. 

All racers, past and present, have so much for which to thank Mick Ives.

RIP Mick