Rapha CC St Patricks Day Opener

Held at Hog Hill (in the very wet)

Rapha CC St Patricks Day Opener

The Rapha CC, St Patricks Day Opener went ahead as planned today despite the inclement weather 🌧️ So chapeau and thanks to Andrew Buurman from Rapha CC and all those who helped out or were brave enough to put a number on their backs- especially the Grandmasters (EFGH) 🌧️🥶🌧️

Apologies, but some of the results sheets got wet. If you wish to add any information to the results please contact the organiser.

RaceRace PosNameClubCatCat Pos
ABCD1matt holmesArctic Aircon RTB1
2Antony WallisBorn to BikeD1
3david tateArctic Aircon RTC1
4Valentino FontanaGemini BcB2
5Jonathan GracianoMedway Velo D2
2Nigel LangridgeCrawley Wheelers Race TeamE2
3Julian Niles-CunningtonLong Steady DaysF1
4Duncan ThomasTeam AerocyclesE3
5Colin ChambersCrawley WheelersE4
6Richard BarnesIslington CCE5
7Elizabeth HallidaySussex nomads ccW(G)1
8Tony BurnhamIn gear I1

If you spot any errors in placing, or if you are wrongly identified, please e-mail info@bmcr.org.uk. Incorrect formatting, capitalisation of names etc. is normally a result of the data on RiderHQ. If you correct it there, it should feed through to future results.