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Ron Day Mk Bowl races

LAST RACE – The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 16- 30th August 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).We have been blessed with the sunshine and safe races this season. Thank you so much to everyone that supported these events by riding, thank you to all our wonderful helpers and to our sponsor Mark Bicknell of Church Lane Creative. It’s been a great year of racing and Ron would have loved it.Tonights race was mixed up a bit by putting in a prime for every catagory at some point. I hope the riders enjoyed this, it was certainly fun to watch. The race went out the gates using the top loop half way through. Both events finished with bunch sprints.The ABCD race split up quite a bit during the race with the lead group splitting again in a fast bunch sprint being won by Gavin Howell with Nick Morgan very close on his tail only 0.154 seconds behind and Bobby McGlue and Sean Dines coming in next with a gap followed by the rest.The EFGH race stayed together most of the evening only really splitting for the prime laps and coming back together. The bunch sprint was won by Steve Dunton (our Ron Day Memorial cup winner 2022) ahead of Robert Tilott followed by Min who was 3rd overall, winning the ladies event and was also 2nd E (go Mim). The ladies had a great night with Clare E Belle Simon coming in 2nd Lady and also 3rd F, Linda Dewhurst 3rd Lady and 3rd G and Catherine Jones 4th Lady and 7th F. Well done everyone and congratulations to our winners.Thank you everyone very much for your kind thank you gifts tonight and for the presentation and wonderful treats it really was very kind of you all and very apprecaited. Birdy and I will enjoy our afternoon tea out together.I will miss seeing you all every Tuesday but wish you great rest of season if you are still racing and a safe and productive winter training, take care. Looking forward to season 2023.Tonights results can be found at:-

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ABCD Race, 8th Sep 2022
16Gavin Howell300:59:10.00:00:00.0A
29Nick Morgan300:59:10.00:00:00.0A
334Bob McGlue300:59:11.00:00:01.0B
42Sean Dines300:59:11.00:00:01.0C
51Michael D’Arcy300:59:13.00:00:03.0C
616Aleck Hornshaw300:59:13.00:00:03.0C
740Roy Chamberlain300:59:13.00:00:04.0D
845John Lacey300:59:51.00:00:42.0D
97Mark Vooght300:59:51.00:00:42.0C
1019Tim Phelps290:59:18.0C
1148Julian Boulter281:00:56.0D
127Mark Bicknell240:53:11.0A
135Aaron McCaffrey191:07:43.0C
MK Bowl EFGHW Race, 8th September 2022
155Steve Dunton240:50:22.00:00:00.0F
24Robert Tillott240:50:24.00:00:02.0E
39Helen Taylor-Carter240:50:24.00:00:02.0E
414Roland Elsdon240:50:25.00:00:02.0E
573ralph keeler240:50:25.00:00:03.0G
654John William Tusting240:50:25.00:00:03.0F
771Malcolm Freeman240:50:25.00:00:03.0G
83manuel manrique240:50:27.00:00:05.0E
962Clare E Belle Simon240:50:27.00:00:05.0F
1053Keith Snook240:50:32.00:00:09.0F
1174Linda Dewhurst240:50:32.00:00:09.0G
1252Patrick Ellerbeck240:50:37.00:00:14.0F
131David Forbes240:52:01.00:01:39.0E
1458Stephen Rice230:50:38.0F
1564Catherine Jones230:50:44.0F
162Jason Giller230:50:45.0E
1763Gordon Wiseman220:50:43.0F
1861Keith Moore180:37:10.0F
1975Don Parry170:33:19.0G