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Stallard Series 2022


So this years Stallard series came to an end with the over 60’s and women’s event at Darley Moor on Sunday. Granted this seasons series has been struck with some bad luck, especially for the A,B,C & D riders by having their last three rounds sadly cancelled. Sadly no final podium presentation for you guys, so I’ve posted your winners jerseys and trophies out to you today, and you should all receive them by Thursday this week. The series however has seen some great racing again this year with some amazing performances across all categories. And I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks all the race organisers and their helpers who have organised an event this year. I’d also like to thank Ken Jones at Bioracer for again supplying us the winners jerseys. So this years final series podium riders are:

Women’s 1st place – Sarah Cramoysan 2nd place – Clare E Belle Simon 3rd place – Alison Fovargue

Men -H category 1st place – Rob Stones 2nd place – Mike Allen 3rd place – Bill Cotton

Men – G category 1st place – Geoffrey Dutton 2nd place – Ralph Keeler 3rd place – Alistair Cameron

Men – F category 1st place – Stephen Wilkinson 2nd place – Tony Carter 3rd place – Geoff Rawlinson

Men E Category 1st place – Barry Bonnett 2nd place – Nick Giles 3rd place – Chris Ranson

Men D Category 1st place Richard Moore 2nd place Julian Bray 3rd place Karl Smith

Men C Category 1st place David Tate 2nd place Martin Nelson 3rd place Jared Millar

Men B category 1st place Chris Quin 2nd place Stuart Jameson 3rd place Antony Ryder

Men A Category 1st place Gavin Howell 2nd place Matt Holmes 3rd place Kurt Hatwell

CatNameClubROUND 1ScoreRound 2ScoreRound 3ScoreRound 4ScoreRound 5Score
EBarry BonnettNone5th1254th1301st1505th1251st 150
ENick GilesPocomotion Road Club1st1505th1252nd1406th120
EChris RansonReifen Racing3rd1358th1168th1166th1202nd140
ERobert BlackburnNigel Smith Racing7th1183rd1356th1203rd135
ESteve DaviesBioracer RT4th1302nd1407th 118
EAdrian DentTeam Ohten Aveas2nd1401st150
EJames StewartQN Racing4th1301st150
EMark WiffenTeam Ohten Aveas3rd1353rd135
EIan TurnballReifen Racing10th1122nd140
ENeil DeanCliff Pratt Racing10th1124th130
ESteve BlakePlymouth Corinthians7th1187th118
ERob O ConnorTeam Jewson Mi Racing9th1149th114
EJohn AldermanGS Venchi4th130
EMartin Fisher5th125
EPhilip Wilkins5th125
EJon StephensonRide Cov6th120
EAnthony Mathews6th120
EMartin TolleyStafford RC7th118
EIan CowanSolihull CC8th116
ESimon CookVelo Sport Fosse8th 116
EJeff Baird8th116
ETom BeggCambridge Vets RT9th114
EMaurice LaingPerth United9th114
EPaul Young9th114
ETony MeaderEagle RC10th112
EAdrian Trott10th112
CatNameClubROUND 1ScoreRound 2ScoreRound 3ScoreRound 4ScoreRound 5SCORE
FStephen WilkinsonElement RT1st1503rd1351st1502nd1402nd140
FTony CarterSDL Wonga3rd1352nd1403rd1355th125
FGeoff RawlinsonManchester BC7th11810th1126th1207th1183rd135
FPete AndrewsVC Deal8th*1168th1166th1206th120
FPatrick EllerbeckSt.Neots2nd1409th1145th125
FKevin HickmanAPI Metrow Foods6th1207th1187th118
FVince EllisVelo Schils – Interbike RT10th1124th13010th112
FJohn PhillipsSotonia CC9th1148th1168th116
FAndrew DonaldsonModa1st1504th130
FBernard BuntingLondon Dynamo4th1305th125
FIan IvesonEast Lancashire 5th1256th120
FPatrick SchilsVelo Schils RT8th11610th112
FJiim MoffattCC Luton1st150
FSteve Dunton1st150
FTrevor BradburyPython RT2nd140
FChris DaviesGiant CC Halo films3rd135
FLes LiddiardGS Vecchi4th130
FJames Rutherford4th130
FSteve CronshawBrooks Cycles5th125
FAlan ValanceCoalville Wheelers CC7th118
FHaydn DaviesGiant CC Halo films8th116
FBrian O’KellyBristol RC9th114
FMac McGreadyKenilworth Wheelers9th114
FMalcolm Moore9th114
FPeter Buttery10th112
CatNameClubROUND 1ScoreRound 2ScoreRound 3ScoreRound 4ScoreRound 5Score
GGeoffrey DuttonBioracer UK3rd1351st 1502nd1401st1501st150
GRalph KeelerST Ives2nd1403rd1351st1502nd1402nd140
GAlistair CameronChevin Cycles4th1302nd1404th1303rd1353rd135
GDavid DeakinLune RCC5th1253rd1354th1305th125
GBrian CooksonCC Lancashire5th1257th1186th1204th130
GJohn DuckettBath CC9th1149th1147th118
GJoe RoweBush Healthcare4th1306th120
GIvor ThomasBush Healthcare7th1185th125
GAlan ForresterGWRT1st150
GPaul townsleyTeam TMC5th125
GJeff HathawayNorth Bucks Road Club6th120
GDave CapesScarborough Paragon6th120
GMartin BushBush healthcare8th116
GJohn BuxtonCoalville Wheelers8th116
GBob BarberSouthend Wheelers10th112
CatNameClubROUND 1ScoreRound 2ScoreRound 3ScoreRound 4ScoreRound 5Score
HRob StonesHull Thursday RC2nd1401st1501st1502nd140
HMike AllenTeam Jewson Mi Racing PolyPipe McCann3rd1352nd1402nd1401st150
HBill CottonBelper BC5th1253rd1353rd1351st150
HJohn GinleyShibden Cycling Club4th1304th1303rd135
HGeoff CookeBush healthcare1st150
CatNameClubROUND 1ScoreRound 2ScoreRound 3 -Inc Womens RR champsScoreRound 4ScoreRound 5Score
W – ESarah CramoysanReifen Racing3rd1351st1506th1201st1501st 150
W – FClare E Belle SimonRacer Nan 4th1302nd1402nd1402nd140
W – CAlison FovargueEmpella1st1503rd135
W-DGeorgina PaulTorq Performance7th1181st150
W-FJanet BirkmyreTorq Performance8th1162nd140
W – CDenise BurrowsAeroCoach2nd1409th114
W-CSarah MeeWelland Valley CC9th1144th130
W-FSarah NorthoverKenilworth Wheelers10th1125th125
W – GSusan ShookBush Healthcare3rd135
W – GClare GreenwoodBush Healthcare4th130
W – FHelen WaughMerseyside Ladies CA5th125
W – GAlison SalthouseBorn to Bike6th120
W – EFiona JollyPedalmaniacs7th118
W-DAlexandra HamiltonLondon Dynamo8th116
W – FCatherine JonesHitchin Nomads10th112
WMax Mallen3rd135