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The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 13 – 2nd August 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).

The Ron Day Memorial MK Bowl races – Race 13 – 2nd August 2022 (Sponsored by Church Lane Creative).Tonight was ‘successful attacking night,’ racing the larger circuit outside the gates from the gun.The ABCD race saw a break of Roy Chamberlain, Mike Jackson, Kieron Lewis and Sean Dines, stay away with Kieron showing what a strong rider he is when he jumped them on the last lap staying away to take his first well deserved win. Our Chair Nigel Byrne winning the bunch sprint.The EFGH equally saw an early break by Mark Booth with Steve Dunton getting across to him and the two staying away with Steve taking the win from Mark, followed by a lone rider Patrick Ellerbeck, lone rider Roland Elston and the bunch sprint being won by Don Parry.First lady tonight was Clare E Belle Simon who also took 3rd F prize. Well done everyone and congratulations to our winners.Huge thank you to all the helpers tonight for your support which enabled the race to go outside the gates. I need 4 more helpers for next week please. If you haven’t done your one evening of help yet or you can bring someone along to help, please let me know. Thank you

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