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We need your vote

  Dear Member 
We are now at the stage of planning for the publication of 2020
BMCR Handbook. 
This is labour intensive (all voluntary), expensive to print and distribute and not environmentally friendly.
There is a survey on the Facebook BMCR Riders group page asking if you would prefer to stay with the paper version or use the new web site (to be launched in a few weeks), RiderHQ and the BMCR Riders Facebook page. 
If you vote to NOT continue with the paper version you can rest assured ALL the information contained therein now will be available on the new web site. 
This note is to draw the survey to you attention and ask you to
vote. The closing date is Friday 1st November. 
The NEC will act on the majority decision.
You have been consulted. 
Thanks in anticipation for voting. 

Don Parry
NEC Member