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Tour of the Abberleys

The Tour of the Abberleys stage race has always been held on the first bank holiday week-end in May, but next year the May Day bank holiday has been moved to Friday of the second week-end to form part of a VE Day anniversary week-end. Having considered several options for the Abberleys, the outcome is that it will be held as a 2-day stage race on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd May. Saturday will comprise a short Prologue TT and 42-mile road stage as usual. On Sunday there will be an extended stage of over 60 miles on a challenging new course (shorter for the over 60s). HQ will be Great Witley village hall again and we’ll have the support of the Midland Bike Marshals

New to the BMCR race calender

New race The White Peak RR part of the Percy Stallard series….coming soon!

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